Vancouver Sing Tao Daily interviewed B.O.Z 溫哥華星島日報訪問B.O.Z

Vancouver Sing Tao Daily featured B.O.Z‘s story on July 23rd 2014. 溫哥華星島日報2014年7月23日為B.O.Z做的專訪: Vancouver Sing Tao interview with B.O.Z         港移民音樂人釋囚變傳道人 [2014-07-23] 圖文:星島日報記者夏鎮權  

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B.O.Z’s Encouraging Words

Listen to B.O.Z‘s latest speaking segment here: B.O.Z Inspirational Speaking Dec 1 2013

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B.O.Z Live Video – Candy Heart (Mandarin Version) ft. Karolyn Haze

B.O.Z – Candy Heart 糖果心 (Live) ft. Karolyn Haze

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Created For

“I believe I was created to inspire others to rise above the present circumstances to reach the potential they were created for. Through my music, videos, speaking and writings, I introduce hope and perspective to those whose ears are opened to truth.”

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