“It’s okay not to have everything figured out, and it’s okay when everything seems to fall apart. Hope is still alive. We can hold on to the promise of another tomorrow.”

More than a recording artist, B.O.Z (Bosco Poon) is someone who has a strong passion for the well-being of humanity. He wants to help make this earth a better place by inspiring one heart at a time through his music and projects. He becomes who he is today because he once lost everything.

B.O.Z (Born Of Zion) is a Chinese-Canadian who likes to create art in musical and visual forms. Born to an ordinary middle-class family in Hong Kong, he moved to Vancouver, Canada, at the age of twelve. After spending four years to adapt to the new culture, he started to fall in love with hip-hop music. Unlike the Western world, there was no well-known Chinese rapper back then. With tons of passion to bring this form of art back to his own people, he began to develop his own rap style in his own language.

In 2002, he won the Warner Music Taiwan Hip-Hop talent contest in Vancouver and was offered an artist contract. However, it didn’t work out as expected. The contract was terminated after a year. Instead of giving up his dream, he kept pressing forward by becoming a member of a local Pop/Hip-Hop crew, “Syndicate”. Along with the other three members (Yuen Mak, Julian Yang and Rita Leung), Syndicate was offered a record deal by EMI Music Taiwan in 2004, and was referred to as the Chinese “Black Eyed Peas”.

In the midst of it all, B.O.Z made the worst decision in his life and got himself involved in a criminal activity. The end result of that was years of isolation behind bars. In prison, he lost his will to survive and his passion for music. His heart was dead, until a voice from heaven came to wake him up. A supernatural energy entered his body and reignited his spirit. Ever since that day, he was reborn with a brand new purpose of life.

His eyes were then able to see the needs of this world and the suffering of the broken-hearts. He knew that he was called to do something about it. With lots of perseverance and humility, he learned to become a support for those that were in pain. He was determined to help those that had lost their hope to find hope again. When he was locked up in his cell at night, he would write down his feelings on paper, waiting patiently for the day that he could turn them into songs.

In the winter of 2010, he was granted day parole and was released back to the outside world. With the support of his family, a few friends and a positive spirit which he called “faith”, he went back to the studio. He co-produced his first English/Cantonese bilingual EP “Long Road To Home” with his old group-mate Yuen Mak at ArtisticSpaceStudios. The music video of his first single “Where Will You Be” was filmed by Senses Media and was released on YouTube. He did Mandarin and Cantonese commercials for “Vita Lemon-Tea”. They were being played on AM1470 and FM96.1 in Vancouver during the summer of 2011. He co-produced with Trevor Hoffmann and Marika Siewert his first English single “My Heart’s Last Beat” featuring MARIKA. Both the single and music video were released on Jan 13/2012 by Emerton Records. His story has been featured on CBN 700Club USA, Alpha Canada, Richmond News, The Light Magazine, Brian Doerksen Level Ground DVD, Fairchild TV, The Harpreet Singh Show Vancouver, Sing Tao Daily Canada, AM1470, FM96.1 Fairchild Radio Stations Vancouver, and SOBEM (Showers Of Blessing Evangelistic Ministry). He was featured on 2018 Bridge to S.U.C.C.E.S.S music video.

After serving at MoreThan12 Church (a division of PAOC) for three and a half years in Vancouver, he got commissioned to be a pastor. In September 2014, he started a church plant “α Lounge” with Agape International Ministry Canada in Richmond B.C. He opened a faith-based online store in Fall 2016 to provide alternative gift options. Visit: http://saltseventyseven.com/ 
In March 2016, he merged the church plant with MT12 Church. He is now the Lead Pastor of the church. For more info: https://www.mt12church.org/

“The well-being of this planet lays in the hands of mankind. We hold the power to create a better or a worse future. It’s a choice that we make on a daily basis. I want to be a role-model to inspire and equip this generation to fulfil God’s plans on this earth. I hope my message can ignite the fire in your heart and make Jesus famous in your world.”